Dual Ski Sedrun

A unique skiing adventure for people with disabilities

Experiencing winter sports together

Dual skiing allows persons with a disability to learn to ski, together with their family or partner. Dualski-Sedrun is the sponsor name of all the partners and the Swiss Cerebral Foundation, which supports this project.  This sponsorship makes possible an extensive infrastructure in Sedrun, adapted to the needs of the disabled. Because of the commitment of the Cerebral Foundation, the dual bobs can be hired free of charge. Members of the Cerebral Foundation benefit from subsidised skiing lessons. The dual skis trained ski instructors from Sedrun offer guests with a disability an experience on the pistes in special offers.

Dual ski is passive, guided skiing with a ski instructor, who skis behind the dual bob and steers it with a hook. The dual bob has a large seat shell with safety belts and a large steering hook. The piloted guests can help with steering by slight movements in the same direction of the head or upper body. In this way, the senses of balance and orientation are experienced and also stimulated. The dual ski bob can be transported by the chair lift and the ski tow.


Parents or a carer can learn how to steer. Specially trained ski instructors in Sedrun offer individual courses for dual skiers.


Guided dual bob:  90.00 CHF/h*
Steering training:640.00 CHF*

* 50% of the costs are born by the Cerebral Foundation for persons registered with the foundation. 

Dual Bob rental


   80.00 CHF (1-3 days)

100.00 CHF (4-8 days)

Booking on request